Case Study
In-Line Label Printing Solution for Electrolux Italy

Client: Electrolux Italy

Location: Italy, Sweden

Industry: Manufacturing

Solution type: Consulting and Custom Solution Development

Electrolux relies on multiple in-line printed labels within its White box consumer goods manufacturing process. An Italy based Electrolux manufacturing facility decided to change label printing stock vendors to save costs. The label printing process software however, was the property of the current vendor and controlled the label contents and was tied to a custom label database maintained by Electrolux. As the switch was already initiated, replacement software to drive the printing process was urgently required to prevent any delays in production. The new system was to be under the full control and ownership of Electrolux.

No standard label software was compatible with the Electrolux label definition database and the existing in-line printers. Keystone was therefore tasked with the creation of a custom replacement printing software solution.

Our solution

Keystone's solution consisted of a custom Web frontend integrated with a StreamServe application server to be used as the base output engine for label contents delivery and rendering.

This combination of the standard and custom software lead to a flexible and reliable solution to cover all of the plant's label management and printing needs.

Keystone created a sourced XML interface used for label layout rendering, barcode generation and print delivery to label printers. The software supported all existing label printers, interfaced with the label definition database, and required little operator training.

Project Activities

The project deliveries included:

  1. Proof of concept – creation of prototype of label printing from existing database
  2. Programming of custom data converter
  3. User interface design
  4. StreamServe interface specification and testing
  5. Application implementation, deployment, and testing of each label print
  6. Electrolux R&D training and acceptance testing
  7. Print operator training


Manufacturing interruption at the Electrolux plant was successfully avoided. Electrolux received a state of the art web-based application for label definition, label printing and Print Operator support. The full rights and ownership of the application were also transferred to Electrolux at the completion of the project and Keystone remains available to provide real-time application support which has been minimal.

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